#46 part of the collection THE RUNES OF WABI SABI
Singapore, 2020.  This jetty at the Lower Seletar Reservoir was an escape during lockdown.  I'd cycle there with plenty of time to set up before dawn.  The only others around would be a group of elderly Taichi practitioners who look quizzically at me with my 4x5 camera but never say a word.  They take out a vintage boom box, turn on their mystical pipa music, adopt their socially distanced stances, and we enter our own bubbles waiting to greet the lazy morning sun.
Edition of 10 silver gelatin print on 8x10" museum archival paper signed and numbered for 500 each. Email me at to reserve one. Details about the Collection here.
#47 part of a new collection BONFIRES IN THE MIST
Mount Tbatana, Georgia, 2019.  It started drizzling a quarter way up the 12km trek to the 2,000m peak of Mount Tbatana, a local landmark for caravans plying this part of the wild Caucasus mountain range.  I'm carrying a 25kg pack with a tent, supplies, a chunky Toyo 4x5 large format camera with film holders for just 6 shots on my back. Then six hours later, nearly all the way up, the narrow track lined by alpine trees opens up to reveal this. The mist brings back memories and a sense of relief and joy (read why here), I can't but stop to take two shots of this ethereal strangely nostalgic moment.
This image along with #20, #28,#35, marks the start of a new Collection, details here. Edition of 15 silver gelatin prints on 8x10" museum archival paper signed and numbered for 335 each. Email me at to reserve one.
#48 part of my collection THE RUNES OF WABI SABI
Kapan, Armenia, 2019.  A cloudless night outside the town of Kapan just miles from Armenia's border with Azerbaijan and the disputed territory of Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh where I had just returned from. I was traveling with Ana, one of triplets, she taught me to hitchhike. We were picked up by Hakon who turned out to be a former military intelligence officer, now an industrial salesman, who was returning to his home town of Goris nearby to see to repairs of his ancestral home. He told us about old horse trails he used to ride into Artsakh on, these have widened over time and are now navigable by 4x4s, allowing one to bypass the border controls on the only highway to Nagorno-Karabakh. We spent the next two days as his guest. When our adventure had ended, and Ana and I were finally at Kapan, we looked up at the night sky and saw this.  
Edition of 15 silver gelatin print on 8x10" museum archival paper signed and numbered for 335 each. Email me at to reserve one. Details about the Collection here.

Hi everyone,
Making up for a quiet few months with a bumper crop of new releases.  Sorry for the silence over the last few weeks, leaving Tbilisi was hard and a bit of a scramble but I'm now in Singapore to ride out the pandemic.  I've managed to get access to a darkroom near me and can get printing again.  It's been a pleasure and honestly, a little therapeutic to be back in the darkroom.  Also finally set up this website as some of you have long suggested, it certainly feels like an upgrade to the boring but functional email notification of yesteryear.  Last year was certainly eventful, a huge thank you to all the early supporters who helped bring this endeavor out of skunkworks onto this platform.  I don't expect that this website will ever be a huge podium, I'm just using it to somewhat privately share context and anecdotes of the work and my personal journey.
An idea that haunts me is whether to make a fine art photobook / intrepid travel guide for some of the obscure off-the-beaten-track places I've visited, such as the Pankisi Valley, a.k.a. Valley of Terror, seriously ... Google it to learn about its past connections with ISIS Islamic radicalization that has caused so much local heartache ... a special place where I've formed some deep relationships with the locals.  And where I can photograph the land, people and culture freely and share images that are perhaps more provocative, gritty and not all suitable for hanging on walls.  The other photobook idea has been my exhibition series "It Was Once So Clear To Me" that began as an exploration of my father's descent into dementia some five years ago but has developed into a visual exploration of consciousness and memory.  Our faculties seem to vary so much person to person.  How does this affect the way we individually interpret the worlds we live in.  I wonder if either of these subjects relevant, distinctive and compelling enough to publish? 
What's next when travel restrictions are eased?  One obvious destination is back to Tbilisi where my love affair with this bewitching city continues to smoulder.  And where I know countless images await my picking.  It seems like I can point my camera anywhere and at anyone in this photogenic country and find something meaningful to memorialize.  DZ has planted in my mind to spend a couple of weeks with him in Vilnius, I've never been to Lithuania so it's very tempting, perhaps with SW in her village in the Tyrolean mountains for the fall, or most recently AK got me very excited with the idea of several weeks exploring the area around Annecy from her chalet in the winter and shooting a story there.  And there's always writing with JW in Toronto or AS in Vienna on my mind.  
As always, feel free to hit me up at or on Instagram @yeahyeahkevin about anything, even if it's to say hi and introduce yourself or catch-up, I'm always looking to (re)connect, for feedback and inspiration, stories to share, I really enjoy hearing from people.
#45 | €250 | Ed.20
#45 | €250 | Ed.20
#20 | €335 | Ed.15
#20 | €335 | Ed.15
#16 | €500 | Ed.10
#16 | €500 | Ed.10
#7 | €250 | Ed.20
#7 | €250 | Ed.20
I recommend framing the photos within thin black square frames, a white matte board with a border of 2 inches on the narrower side to let the image breathe.  The square frames are particularly suitable if you're building a collection of my work to account for the various formats 8x10, 10x8, 8x8 that the prints come in.
Signature block on back is stamped, titled, signed and numbered

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