This series is inspired by my fascination with the Tree of Ténéré in the Sahara Desert, once considered the most isolated tree on earth with its nearest counterpart over 250 miles away, the tree served as an important landmark for caravan routes plying the Sahara. Until it was crushed by a drunken truck driver in 1973.  I travel alone to foreign places for months on end and no stranger to isolation, and loneliness. 
It's said the best antidote for loneliness is having meaningful relationships. Which includes and begins with examining the relationship we have with ourselves.  Most people think about creating relationships with people who are like them or with people who they like, but trees teach us that relationships are built on giving. The action of giving opens the door for receiving. This lone tree and others like it are often found feeding fungi networks with food, while the fungi supply the trees with vital nutrients which are difficult to access. As the bond deepens, the fungi are able to spread and connect to other trees far away carried by caravans forming a strung out network of interconnected trees. This beautiful example from nature has taught me an important lesson. The act of giving starts the process of connecting with others and bridges the way for reaching out to people who can give back.
Prints that form part of this ongoing collection are #21, #22, #46, #49. 
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